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Sunburst Variation

Here’s a variation on my Sunburst dodecahedron from a while back. Unfortunately it wasn’t very sunny when I tried to photograph it though!

It’s made in the same way with Sue Harle’s diagonal tubular peyote technique, but the construction is a bit different. Here it is side by side with the original version:

The difference is where the outward points are on each side – in the original they are in the middle of the edges of the polyhedron, while in the variation they are at the vertices. I really like the contrast between the two shapes!

This technique is so flexible – which means I have a lot more polyhedra like this planned!

3 thoughts on “Sunburst Variation

  1. I loved making the Sunburst piece!!! Thank you. I’ve tried doing the variation but my way is kinda strange. Any hints on how to make the components. I made the warped hexes then did a backward sort of peyote. Is there an easier way?
    I’ve made many pieces from your blog. Thank you very much for sharing!!! I have also purchased others of yours from your etsy store. I so admire your talents and your brains!!!


      1. I was just typing out a reply to your previous comment when you posted this! (Only just catching up on the week’s messages!) Glad you had fun figuring out the puzzle 🙂 This variation is on my list of tutorials to write up but I am making slow progres with them at the moment!


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