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Interlinked Tetrahedra Diagrams for Additional Colourways

I had a bit of free time this week so have put together some diagrams for some different colourways for the interlinked tetrahedra shape!

There are step-by-step diagrams for the silver-yellow-green, yellow-orange-red, silver-blue-purple and green-yellow-silver-blue-purple colourways. The pdf is available here: Interlinked Tetrahedra Additional Colourway Diagrams.

They match the steps in the original 3- or 5-colour instructions, which you can find here.

Happy beading!

3 thoughts on “Interlinked Tetrahedra Diagrams for Additional Colourways

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if you receive replies to your emails but I just had a quick question. I have the beads for these but haven’t made one yet. Which is easiest? 3, 5, or single color? Thank you, Andrea



  2. Thanks, Pat. I’ve not been able to get past adding the third tet, unfortunately. My brain, and the brains of two friends who were working with me, just wouldn’t go there.

    C’est la vie.



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