Tutorial Corrections

Although I try very hard to make sure all my tutorials are tested and free of mistakes, occasionally I do miss something. Here is a comprehensive list of corrections to my tutorials.

Unfortunately, unlike Ravelry, Etsy doesn’t allow a digital download to be updated after purchase, so while all current listings are up-to-date if you brought copy of a tutorial before I uploaded the corrected version then you’ll need to make a note of any relevant details below. Alternatively, send me a message on Etsy with your order number and I’ll send you the updated version of the tutorial!

If you think you’ve found a mistake in one of my tutorials please let me know, either through Etsy, via my facebook page, or send an email to the address given in the tutorial.

Mira Star

Correction – Version 1 (filename MiraStar_BeadMechanics.pdf) – 20/12/2021 to 30/12/2021

Piece 5 – page 13 – second paragraph: “Start by weaving through the first three sides of the previous round” should read “Start by weaving through the first two sides of the previous round”.

Current – Version 2 (filename MiraStar_BeadMechanics_v2.pdf) – 31/12/2021 onwards

Rhombic Mosaic

Correction – Version 1 (filename BeadMechanics_RhombicMosaic.pdf) – 30/5/2020 to 28/11/2020

Piece 20 – page 44 – figure 60. The start of the thread path is incorrect, it should pass through the point bead from piece 1 initially:

Current – Version 2 (filename BeadMechanics_RhombicMosaic_v2.pdf) – 29/11/2020 onwards


Correction – Version 1 (filename Hypernova_BeadMechanics.pdf) – 10/3/2018 to 8/7/2021

Piece 2 – page 6 – fourth paragraph: “Repeat from * to * three more times” should read “Repeat from * to * two more times”.

Current – Version 2 (filename Hypernova_BeadMechanics_v2.pdf) – 9/7/2021 onwards


Correction – Version 1 (filename Whirlwind_BeadMechanics.pdf) – 17/8/2017 to 4/1/2020

Top Section – page 14 – figure 18: piece in the photo labelled “2” should be labelled “3“.

Current – Version 2 (filename Whirlwind_BeadMechanics_v2.pdf) – 5/1/2020 onwards