Flat Peyote Decagon

Following on from the peyote octagon, here’s a flat peyote decagon!


A decagon is a 10-sided polygon. The formula derived to calculate the increases for an octagon can also be applied to a decagon by setting n = 10, and it says 0.4 extra beads are needed per row. That’s 2 beads every 5 rows, which is actually easy to do in peyote with the increase pattern 2-1-0-1-0.

However, I decided to stagger this pattern slightly in order to make the increase in row length a bit more gradual, which also allowed me to start with a ring of 5 beads instead of 10. I slightly changed the pattern in the last two rows to be 2-1 all around (rather than alternating different increases) so that the last row is the same on all edges, which makes it easier to join to other shapes.

The result is as you see above – a flat peyote decagon! I’m very pleased with how it turned out – and that the formula worked for this shape as well!

Diane Fitzgerald has written some great detailed instructions for all the flat peyote polygons – including the octagon and this decagon! They’re available here in her Etsy shop DianeFitzgeraldBeads.

Happy beading!

2 thoughts on “Flat Peyote Decagon

  1. Thank you for showing how to make this shape….I so appreciate your technical prowess….

    I’m adding this to my tutorials of yours….




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