Beadwork, Polyhedra

Augmented Dodecahedron

Making polyhedra using round beads and polyhedral angle weave is my current favourite bead technique! Here’s an augmented dodecahedron made using 4mm beads:


This is a dodecahedron with extra dodecahedra added to each face (augmentation). In theory there should be a slight gap between each neighbouring dodecahedron, but with the beadwork you can merge them together to end up with this shape.

It did require quite a lot of concentration to weave but it was still an enjoyable experiment. I’m definitely going to be trying more shapes like this!



2 thoughts on “Augmented Dodecahedron

  1. Hi Patricia,

    Not sure I’m using the correct email address……

    However, love all your posts…wanted to share some beads I made and wondering if they’re at all similar to your Augmented Dodecahedron?

    These beads were made based on a instructions from Laura Shea.

    I think it’s a Dodecahedron with added 30 bead bumps on top. I really don’t know the correct names of these beads…sorry…

    And under this picture, was my contribution of the Johnson Solids made for Diane Fitzgerald…

    For the Johnson Solidas project organized by Diane Fitzgerald, the bead on the right was made with Delicas and then sent to Diane. I then made another one (left) using my plastic beads…This was Number 28.

    I am amazed at all your beads made using just one color….Impressive!!



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    1. Hi Suzanne,

      I can’t see any photos – I don’t think wordpress comments can have photos? But I would love to see the beads and Johnson solids! Can you send the photos to me on facebook?

      I am just stitching together the net for Johnson solid I’m making – number 68 which has 11 decagons, which took me a while!


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