Beadwork, Polyhedra


I’m busy making a new geometric sculpture, so I thought I’d take a break and take look back at an older piece. This is an icosahedron I made almost 2 years ago now.


I say icosahedron, but it’s really half way between an icosahedron and a dodecahedron. If you think of the beaded ovals as the edges, then you can find groups of three that make the triangular faces of an icosahedron, but you can also find groups of five that make pentagons and overall look like a dodecahedron. However, I based it on a icosahedron when I was making it, so that’s what I’ll call it!

Unlike my beaded dodecahedron, this piece has a chirality because of how the ovals are arranged to make each face. Chirality just means that a shape looks different to its mirror image. You can see that here – the ovals all point out clockwise around each triangle, but the mirror image would have them all pointing anticlockwise. One day I’ll make the mirror image version to match!

I’d also like to try this pattern as a truncated icosahedron (which is an icosahedron with the vertices cut off, so it’s made up out of pentagons and hexagons – like a football). I think it’d look good as a larger shape, but I’m slightly put off by the 90 edge pieces I’d have to make!


4 thoughts on “Icosahedron

  1. Hi,
    I am writing to you regarding an error we made with my friends. We wanted to send the Icosahedron pattern to a friend who needed it but didn’t have the access to PayPal. We have purchased the same thing 3 times in a very short time as we did it without telling the other one ( all of us thought about the same mini surprise seperately) I wonder if it is possible to change the purchase with another pattern please? (You can check your PayPal details and see that in a very short time the file has been bought 3times)


      1. Hi,
        unfortunately we did not coordinate before the purchase and thank you for your understanding and cooperation


  2. Hello, I’m the third one. We should’ve been more coordinated with each other. sorry about that! if as my friends mentioned we could get 2 other patterns for her that would be awesome, thanks


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